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We empower companies and their leadership to set and achieve more ambitious goals. Our international footprint allows us to draw on a diverse set of global resources. Our consultants combine their vast experience with the latest operational models and analytics to curate these resources to best fit our clients’ needs and guide their businesses towards financial profitability.

Solicitations Consulting
What is a business without solicitation? The simple answer is nothing. We will help your business market accordingly and reevaluate all aspects of your sales pipeline.
Financial Consulting
Here at IGC, we will help you meet your business wildest goals. As our client, you will receive best in class financial coordination, capital stack restructuring, business financing, and more.
HR Consulting
Effectively managing human capital is essential to the success of any enterprise. We can help you optimize your management systems and provide you with a framework that will scale with your business as it grows.
Strategy Consulting
Although it may not be broken, a strategy can always be improved. With our strategic consulting, we will divide and conquer your resources to excel in your market niche.
Start Ups
Starting a company is difficult in and of itself. We have helped guide dozens of startups to a successful maturity, encapsulating our capacity to do will with early stage companies.
Sometimes a company can grow too fast or simply lack resources to organize accordingly. With our reorganization services, your business will get back on its feet and structure all documents and professionals.
Quality of Earnings
Assessing the accuracy and sustainability of historical earnings and the reliability of future projections are essential to the determination of fair value

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Business’s potential

Our consultants can help you add value to your business. Through the use of sophisticated analytical tools and innovative human capital management strategies, our consultants can help add value to your business. Our global perspective and diverse skillset allow for efficient and strategic integration of the different functions of your business.


clients advised

Success comes with experience; after many years in the industry, we continue to innovate

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Our consultants have a wealth of experience that spans many industries.

awards received

A reputation earned through years of diligent work and reproducible results.
We are headquartered in Beverly Hills and have world-wide offices.
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We are headquartered in Beverly Hills and have world-wide offices.